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Weekends, Weeks and Festivals



We play for folk to dance and enjoy our music with the help of a caller or a MC.
The dancers may be beginners meeting this for the first time or of more experience perhaps belonging to dance clubs.
The event may be a barn dance, a folk dance, a ceilidh or a contra dance.
The occasion may be an anniversary, birthday, wedding, a fund-raising event, a harvest home, a party or just an evening to have a good dance.
We are happy to provide music for an all English or an American programme or a mixture.
We work with many different callers or happy to arrange one for you.

Weekends, Weeks and Festivals

We provide the music for many dance weekends and the occasional week where a variety of different styles of music may be called for to match the dance sessions and workshops.

Weston CDB has appeared at many festivals over the years. Recently we have taken part in Chippenham and Southam.

We enjoy the atmosphere and variety that Festivals offer. The chance to work with a number of callers and provide music in contrasting styles in a concentrated span of time is always rewarding. it is always great to meet dance friends, old and new, as well well as hear other bands.


Over the years we have built up a fairly unique collection of dance tunes, some of which have been written by Mary, and proved to be very successful.

Quite a few now have had dances written to them.

You can view/print some of them here.

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